Amina Wadud

I came to know about this prominent scholar while writing a paper on Islamic Feminism (Yes… it exists believe it or not), and I was so impresed by her work, and guess what? contrary to other scholars, she is Muslim, and she is female!. I am currently reading her book Qur’an and Woman, and I find it very interesting. I think she holds a challenging view that for many sisters and brothers is difficult not only to conceive, but to understand. Nevertheless, I came to Islam looking for empowerment, the empawerment to know that women can also be close to Allah (God) and activelly participate in a community that granted women rights at the time when Western societies were debating if women were humans or if they had soul… etc. Every Muslim can practice Ijtihad (Personal interpretation) following of course, the Five Pillars of Islam and the basic beliefs. However, we must be close to the Qur’an it self, not only to the interpretations that have been done about it.

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