Now that Ramadan is almost over, I must say that fasting has been a very rewarding experience where I learned self control and discipline while fulfilling my duty as Muslim. Most religions have prescribed fasting for many reasons. Fasting allow us to be closer to God since it is a sacrifice that we do for Allah. In other religions, fasting consist of giving up something for a period of time, not necessarily food. The lenght of the fasting varies from religion to religion. During Ramadan we abstein from food, drink, smoking and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset, and we do this for a month. Furthermore, suring Ramadan we should avoid bad thoughts and negative behaviours as well. Some people, as I have been told, thinks this is a ritual with no meaning. However, I think it is a very challenging time where Muslims learn a lot about themselves and their relationship with God. Unfortunetly, Ramadan has been taken over by tradition, and the religious-spiritual meaning is fading under all those delicious dishes and all those parties. Yes, Ramadan is a time to share with friends and family and to celebrate the holiest month. However, it also supposed to be a time to share with those that are less fortunate than us. Few Muslims remember that we should give to other, not only take and provide for our selves. As a student it can be challenging sometimes, but what i have managed to do is to cook and bake few things and go out to the places where I have been asked for money in the streets. I do not usually like to give money to the homeless in Edmonton because many of them use it to buy alcohol or drugs, so I figured that food would be a good option. I also bought few bottles of water, they can be very cheap if you buy them in a big package. I went out with my basket full of food and share it with the homeless in the street. For the most part I got a sincere “Thank you,” other responses included throwing my food away because I wasn’t offering money. Nontheless, I found it very rewarding. Other thing is that I tried to cook for this people things that they do not usually have access to, I had sanwiches, pastries made with halal meat and cupcakes (which they loved since they cannot afford sweets). I have been encouraging my friends to join me on a new trip to the streets to give food to the homeless, but no all of them think Muslims should do that for non-Muslims, instead they encouraged me to give money for the Palestinian cause. I do try to give for this cause as well, but I do not agree with the fact that we shouldn’t give to non-Muslims. Muslims should distinguish them selves for give to every person in need, and to respect the rest of the religions. Hopefully, one day we will go back to the real teachings of the Prophets and the revelations of Allah. Fasting is a step closer to Allah, but fasting AND giving are miles closer to Allah.

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