Beauty within Modesty

I believe in the command of Allah to be a modest person (not only women should be modest). However, I think that part of being modest is to have a modest behaviour. Even if you wear the most strict hijab, if you don’t behave your self towards the rest of the people or if you believe that your nature if better than other people’s, then I am sorry to say but there is no modesty. I have met so many people that fail to fulfill this duty because they are too busy examining other’s mistakes and being arrogant by thinking that abaayas, niqabs and veils are the only sign of modesty. There are people that think that just because they wear the most strict clothing they can hide the fact that in their heart’s they yearn for the kind of attention that they shouldn’t years for: physical attention. Remember that part of respecting ourselves as women or men is to be noticed not for our physical attributes but for our intelectual abilities, our behaviour and our values.  In fact, I am not as concerned with the dressing code, as I am about the moral part of modesty. I have met people that are not as strict in their selection of clothes, but that have the most beautiful behaviour. They have a good and sweet soul, and Allah is always in their hearts and minds. They speak to, about and withing  the teachings of Allah. In my opinion, this deeds are better than wearing hijab and thinking that just because of that you will go to Paradise. Let’s remember that Allah is the ONLY judge and that infact we will not know how good or bad were our actions in relation to each other until that very last day.
Nevertheless, I think that while women can choose how to apply hijab, it is a fact that there are ways to be modest while covering what Allah asked us to cover and play around with hijab. These are just few examples from an exemplary woman that has done a lot for women in her country, she has brought pride to her nation, she has cautivated the Western world, and still has kept hijab in her own way.
Sheikha Mozah…

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