Knowledge within Religion

Knowledge is extremely important within Islam. It has been prescribed that Muslim should be well educated in as many areas as possible and they should seek knowledge. Allah knows that knowledge is the only way to progress and being able to put an end to the evil in the world. Many muslims regard this a call to be educated in religious matters and the latest trend is towards fundamentalism. Nowadays, we have lost the inquisitive search of the truth that characterized early muslim scholars both women and men. Instead, we have started working towards an extremist fundamentalist knowledge and interpretation of Islam that has been aggravated by the Western attacks to our religion. We must understand that seek knowledge does not mean attack to those that do not agree with us, and this doesn’t mean that we discredit other within our own religion. I have been facing attack from non-muslims about how extremist muslims kill people that do not agree with they world view. And it is true. We have had extremist muslims killing directors of movies that challenge Islam, or threaten writers that present Islam in a different light. On one hand I feel ashamed because this is not the Islam that I came to. On the other hand, I believe that being Muslim is the greatest gift that Allah has given me, and that it is my role to represent other face of Islam. I accept the challenges that non-muslims present to our faith because I think that we can discover our own faith through this modern challenges. I also think that we can learn a lot from others. I also know that there are challenges within our religion that come from inside because we have deviated from the right path and we have come to accept beaten wives, honor killings of raped girls, suicide bombers, etc. We have accepted the normalization of fundamentalism and some muslims think this is the only Islam. That is not true, Islam suppose to be moderated and respect others. Besides, there are as many interpretations of Islam as believers are. Allah sent revelation an many many prophets to give us. However, it is up to us to believe, to learn, to challenge our selves, and to take responsibility before Allah. Allah ordered to seek knowledge, Allah did so because He/She knows how important that is for development and progress.

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