Hijab On, Hijab Off

My friend Stephanie and I have been discussing our convert experiences through our Hot n’ Loud podcast!

This time around we are discussing hijab… To wear or not to wear? and our experiences hijabbing/dejabbing.

Don’t forget to check it out.


The one in which Eren and Steph discuss wearing or not wearing hijab, weekend-hijabis, “hijab solidarity” or “hijab day”.

*This show was produced by Mosaic Sound Design


Stephanie’s 54 hijab/niqab tutorials and hijab stories.

Muslimah Media Watch: “Check, check? Is this thing on? On Hijab Tourism and Solidarity“,”A Roundtable on Dejabbing: part 1“, “A Roundtable on Dejabbing: part 2“.

Muslim Link: “Ottawa Hijab Solidarity Day and the Impact of Islamophobia on Muslim Women“.

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