About this blog & the Author

Identity Crisis was preceded by New Muslim(ah) Walking Around, a blog exploring the intersections of Latinx diasporic identities in relation to Islam from feminist frameworks. In 2013, the blog morphed into its current form to better reflect what it is to be a diasporic Indigenous person in Turtle Island, with Latinx identity and PoC experiences, while continuing to pursue work in relation to Muslim identities. Hence, this blog explores Indigeneity, race, class, white supremacy,  intersectionality, religion, feminisms and identity.

About the Author

13007176_10153998570586271_3594716555525982442_nEren Cervantes-Altamirano is a Binnizá woman, who uses she/hers pronouns. Her previous academic work centered the intersections of religion and gender. Most recently, Eren’s focus has been on how international development policies work in conjunction with resource extraction activities across the world to perpetuate violence against Indigenous peoples and remove them from their territories. In her work, Eren refers to the effects of sexual violence as defined, understood and experienced by different Indigenous women, third-gender and non-binary folks. In going forward, Eren’s academic work is concerned with how policy  forecasting and foreseeing exercises erase Indigenous peoples to allow settlers, colonizers and mestizos to claim land, time and space as their own. Hence, she is interested in how Indigenous futurisms and Afro-Indigenous futurisms disrupt policy exercises to reclaim land, time and space.

Eren is currently Editor-in-Chief of Muslimah Media Watch, where she has been blogging for about 6 years. Her work has also been published in  Love InshAllah, Ishqr,  Aquila Style, the Tempest, The Feminist Wire, Time Magazine, Racialicious and Altmuslimah, among others.

When she is not writing, Eren can be found baking, traveling and chilling with her cat, Sugar.

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9 thoughts on “About this blog & the Author

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this Fresh new perspective. I am considering converting to Islam but find too many conservative voices out there are trying to tell me what to do! Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have started my own not long ago with a similar aim. If you are interested, I could send you the link to mine.

  2. Stephen says:

    Salam Sister,
    I just came across your blog from Muslimah Media Watch. I think you already got what it takes to help our Ummah! I added your page to my website.

  3. Zainab John says:

    Asalaamu alaikum sisters

    Fresh perspectives is definitely needed in the Muslim Ummah today and we need more voices willing to challenge negative stereotypes and to be more vocal about difficult and taboo issues … I am particularly concerned for about the affairs of our reverts and converts to Islam. I feel more needs to be done to support them during the transition process, which is challenging for many reverts and. converts to Islam… May Allah reverts your efforts dear sisters.

  4. maryam1hispanic says:

    Salaam sister Eren from Latin America,

    Congratulations on your beautiful blog! We need more muslim progressive voices out there to give hope to those whose faith has decreased. I´ve been muslim for more than 16 years. During this time I´ve read, seen, and heard a lot and I got the conclusion we definetely should bring out a deeper meaning of Islam to make us better human beings. I take the chance to cordially invite you to check out my bilingual blog (Spanish/English) 🙂

  5. mara says:

    asalam alaikum hermanaa! solo queria saludarte y felicidarte por ser tu misma! recien vi que recibiste en tu correo y me da mucha pena (igual que esta pasando por todos los lados). asi encontre tu blog que voy a seguir leyendolo. tambien, estoy feliz porque veo una mexicana musulmana que vive en ottawa! llevo mexico en mi corazon y me encanta que existes! saludos y suerte!

  6. Megan Mustonen says:

    Salam 🙂 Just discovered your blog from Muslimah Media Watch. When I tell people that I’m a Muslim feminist I tend to get blank and confused stares….thank you for sharing your experiences.

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