Islamic Feminism as a Theological Response

I have been exploring Islamic Feminism since I, as non-muslim, realized that within my own context feminism was condemned as Satan’s work. I became Muslim understanding the unity of Qur’an and its positive message towards women at a time when philosophers and theologians were wondering if women had a soul. It took me little time to realize that within Islam I was going to be accused as a sinner for being a woman, a new muslim and a feminist. Men have tried to convince me about my role as “baby factory,” as symbol of Islamism, etc… This caused me to feel trapped. I was not part of my old community any longer and I was a rejected Muslim (surprisingly even within women…). However, I started studying religions in general and I was specially comforted by the works of Asra Nomani, Amina Wadud, Carol Christ, Fatima Merssinni, Farluz Rahman, Safid Omid, etc. I discover that women are making room in their own religions in order to challenge the patriarchy and recovering their God-given high status not only as wives and mothers, but as soldiers in battle, Queens, Politicians, Feminists, etc. Not only in Islam, but also in Christianity and Judaism women are striving to claim what is theirs… a place within the religion where they can walk with pride and without the usual excuses:
“Thanks God for not making me a woman”,  As for those (women) on whose part you fear ill-will and nasty conduct, admonish them (first), (next) separate them in beds (and last) beat them.”, “Eve provoked Adam to fall, and then Sin came to humanity. So what ca you expect from Eve’s daughters? Never trust them.”
I found that I became Muslim because Allah called me to it, and now I must find peace within the decision that I took… That’s why I have chosen to take Islamic Feminism as my approach. It might not be perfect, Islamists might think I am following Satan’s path, but I truly believe that Allah has granted women equal rights within Islam, and has elevated women status through the Revelation, the Sunnah and the Prophet’s actions.
Women should find peace within themselves through their traditions, their decisions, etc. If this implies to enroll in a Jihad for equality we should be ready to argue for Islam. We must study and educate our selves.