My Writings in the Academia

Do not cite without permission. To seek permission email 


Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2015. Sexual Violence against Indigenous Women: Policies, Human Rights and the Myth of Development. Intersections Cros-Sections Conference. York-Ryerson Universities. ISCS-E.Cervantes-Altamirano.

Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2014. Social Policy and International Commitments:
Rethinking National Action Plans on Violence against Women. Carleton University. Social Policy and International Commitments.docx

Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2014. Policy Briefing on Addressing Violence against Indigenous Women in Canada through a National Strategy. Carleton University. Addressing Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada through a National Strategy.

Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2013. Developing the Developed: Applying Theories of Development to the Advancement of Indigenous Women in Canada. Carleton University. Developing the Developed.


Cevantes-Altamirano, E. 2012. Islamic Feminism and the Challenges of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Islam. Religion and Spirituality in Society. UBC. Islamic Feminism and the Challeneges of Gender and Sexuality in Islam.

Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2012.Recovering the Progressive Spirit of Islam: Ijtihad and Its Transformative Possibilities in Islamic Feminism. Axis Mundi. University of Alberta.Recovering the Progressive Spirit of Islam. E. Cervantes.

Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2011. The Bad Girls of Islam: Islamic Feminists and Their Interpretative Contributions. University of Alberta. The Bad Girls of Islam.


Cervantes-Altamirano, E. 2011. Marta ‘Cartoonized:’ Depictions of First Lady Marta Sahagún in Mexican Political Cartoons. University of Alberta. Marta ‘Cartoonized’. Agora Paper.

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